MAKE IT :: painted laser cut doily drink markers

painted doily drink markers

As we finished up today’s project we were juggling {almost literally} feeding our pooch Lulu, cleaning the kitchen, prepping lunch, playing with Baby Ava, and of course watching the Seahawks game. Life has changed since April but it’s good. It’s so good. We’re feeling so blessed and are finding our groove and balance between our […]

HAPPY HOUR :: blackberry ginger beer sipper

blackberry ginger beer sipper

Sometimes, especially after the festive and oh-so busy summer we’ve had, it takes a while to recharge and sink back into the fall mindset. While pumpkin spiced lattes are all the buzz {too soon!}, we’re digging our heels just a bit and savoring the enchanting remaining bits of summer; those evenings where the sun is […]

TIDBITS :: a sweet desert fête

Palm Springs wedding

It’s nearly the weekend! Somehow this short week felt extra long, didn’t it? We’re switching gears prepping for a trip down towards the ball fields for a pre-kickoff NFL event {with Baby Ava in tow!} and then zipping on home to welcome our guests with cocktails, Seahawks BINGO and all sorts of baked and cooked […]

HOME LIVING :: choosing versatile furniture


When we originally set up our Sauder Entertaining Credenza we used it as an entry bar with sweet treats and elixirs fit for a perfect party. We’re always looking for fun ways to freshen up our studio so we repurposed this piece for our magazine display, complete with patterned wrapping papers and magazines we’re currently […]

ENTERTAINING AT HOME :: easy dinner party

easy at home dinner party

Boy, did we do a whole lot of nothing yesterday. Positively nothing. Well, except for lounging with Baby Ava {who turned four months old on Friday!} and resting after our doozy of a wedding weekend. We rounded out our extraordinary summer season with the most sweet and beautiful wedding for one of our all-time favorite […]

Fall Bride Jewelry Style from Shane Co.

Shane Co. fall

There is a slight crispness developing in the night air {or at least we’re telling ourselves that!} as our amazing summer wedding season comes to a close, complete with a lovely harvest season late summer wedding on a farm with dinner in an orchard. It’s this time of year that gets us giddy for the […]