ENTERTAINING AT HOME :: cozy indoor s’mores

winter s'mores

There is something so nostalgic and fun about a good old fashioned s’more, isn’t there? While s’mores are often thought to be summertime fare, we thought why not serve them up indoors for a cozy s’mores party on a chilly winter night? S’mores go perfectly with a crackling fire, so light up your fireplace, break out the […]

REAL WEDDING :: classic seattle nuptials

sapphire and pink classic Seattle wedding by Valley & Co. and Nathan Cordova Photography

Recently we have been seeing a return to what we consider more classic weddings, with a twist through colors, textures and organic elements. Ones that perhaps have a church ceremony, a large wedding party, all of the trimmings of traditional moments, or a grand cake – all with elements that are fresh and bring new […]

IN THE KITCHEN :: fun valentine’s popcorn

fun Valentine's Day popcorn

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re officially on the Valentine’s Day wagon! To tell the truth, it’s never really been something we’ve been overly into as we’ve been together for such a long time and prefer to celebrate life and love as much as possible. Sure, we send out Valentine’s cards to our parents and grandparents and […]