These Roofs Are Fighting Climate Change

White Roofs Are Combating Climate Change, Here’s How

Climate change is a major issue impacting the lives of billions of individuals.  People across the globe are seeing the effects of climate change.  From famine to floods, climate change is the result of normal climate patterns worsened by human activity and inactivity.  Activities that have fueled climate change include the burning of fossil fuels and discharge of waste into waterways.  The inactions that have added to climate change include failing to conserve resources and address local sources of pollution.  We know climate change is an issue and we know we are to blame.  What next?

You might think there’s little you can do, however, there’s one simple fix that will drastically reduce temperatures not only globally but locally too.  White roofs are just what you might think they are.  They are roofs that are white.  White roofs are growing in popularity, not just because they’ve been proven to aid in the fight against climate change but also because they reduce energy costs.  Here’s how.

A White Roof
A White Roof

White roofs originally began to show up on structures with flat roofs.  Flat roofs are much easier to update and are often found on commercial structures.  White roofs were introduced as a way to reduce energy costs.  White roofs are able to reduce energy costs by reflecting the sun’s rays.  Lighter colors reflect most of the sun’s rays or energy back out into the atmosphere while darker colors absorb those rays and generate heat at the surface.  By painting a roof white, the sun’s energy isn’t absorbed by the structure’s roof and therefore, doesn’t generate heat.  This allowed businesses to cool their buildings more efficiently.

A flat roof painted white to reflect the sun's energy
A flat roof painted white to reflect the sun’s energy

However, white roofs aren’t just a great way to save money.  Reflecting the sun’s energy back into space and away from the lower levels of the atmosphere, work wonders on temperature both at the surface and globally.

When the sun’s energy is trapped beneath the lower and middle levels of the atmosphere, temperatures not only increase near the Earth’s surface but also globally.  That heat contributes to the overall rise in temperature.  Rising temperatures are one of the major factors that influence climate change.  By reflecting the sun’s energy away from the surface and back out into space and the upper levels of the atmosphere, higher temperatures can be avoided.

White roofs are quickly gaining in popularity especially among economically and environmentally conscious businesses.  However, it’s not too far off in the future that white roofs will likely be widely available.  If you’re looking to go a step further, why not invest in a green roof?

Top 3 Car Sharing Apps

The Top 3 Car Sharing Apps to Sign-Up For

We’ve all heard of ridesharing apps.  These apps, primarily Uber and Lyft, allow users to ride in other user’s cars for a fee.  They’ve revolutionized the way in which we travel, however, there’s a new wave of transportation applications on the way.

Car sharing is a fairly new concept of renting shared vehicles.  These vehicles can either be owned by the ride sharing company, a rental car group, or private individual.  They’re typically easier and more convenient than traditional rental car companies.  More importantly, they’re cheaper and better suited to regular use.  Overall, car sharing is a great way to save on transportation if you live in a major urban area.  To save you some time and effort, we’ve compiled the top three car sharing apps around.

The Top 3 Car Sharing Apps of 2017
The Top 3 Car Sharing Apps of 2017

#3 Turo

Turo is the odd one out in this list because the service doesn’t feature a monthly or annual membership.  Turo also doesn’t feature any fleet or shared vehicle services.  Turo is as basic as it gets, allowing users to rent out their cars for a little or as long as they choose.

Insurance is provided by a third-party group and users pick the maximum amount of miles a day renters are allowed to put on their vehicles without being charged by the mile.  Prices vary directly with location and vehicle type.  A Prius in Kansas City might go for $30 a day while a Tesla in Los Angeles might go for $400 a day.  Turo offers a lot of flexibility.

Unlike the other applications and services on this list, Turo doesn’t partner with businesses or schools.  Additionally, renters under 30 are penalized for their age.  Overall, the app is a great alternative to traditional car rental groups.

| Membership: No | Price: Varies | Partnerships: No |

Link: Turo Car Rental

#3 Turo
#3 Turo

#2 Enterprise Car Share

Enterprise is known for its traditional car rental service.  Enterprise Holdings consists of Enterprise Car Rental, National Car Rental, and Alamo Car Rental.  However, Enterprise is no stranger to venturing off into other areas of the transportation sector.

Enterprise Car Share is a car share program that offers monthly and annual subscriptions to its fleet of vehicles.  These vehicles include Prius’, Malibus, and Volts.  Users are required to sign-up for a membership.  However, a membership gives users access to free fuel and insurance.  Enterprises entry level membership charges by the mile while higher tier memberships allow users to drive up to 200 miles a day free of charge.

Enterprise Car Share has numerous partnerships with businesses, residential developments, and schools.  The service is available throughout the United States in most major metropolitan areas.

| Membership: Required | Price: Application Fee + Annual Fee | Partnerships: Yes |

Link: Enterprise Car Share

#2 Enterprise Car Share
#2 Enterprise Car Share

#1 ZipCar

ZipCar is by far the most refined car sharing service.  ZipCar is much like Enterprise Car Share, however, ZipCar is less expensive and more flexible.  Like Enterprise Car Share, ZipCar offers insurance and fuel with most memberships.  All ZipCar vehicles are fleet vehicles and are maintained by ZipCar.

ZipCar allows college students to waive not only the application fee but often times the annual fee as well.  Users are charged both hourly and by the mile after 200 miles.

| Membership: Required | Price: Application Fee + Annual Fee | Partnerships: Yes |

Link: ZipCar Car Sharing

#1 ZipCar Car Sharing
#1 ZipCar Car Sharing


Apple Reveals iOS 11 at its WWDC, New Hardware

Apple held its annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) yesterday in San Jose, California.  Though the iPhone 8 didn’t make an appearance, the event and the subsequent announcements of new hardware and software blew up on Facebook and Twitter.  This year’s WWDC introduced developers and consumers to Apple’s take on the smart speaker and virtual/augmented reality.  Overall, the event had somewhat of a “catch-up” vibe as most of Apple’s cutting-edge announcements were carbon copies of announcements made by Google, Samsung, and Amazon.  Still, Apple’s high-quality and beautifully crafted hardware and software are hard to beat and this year’s WWDC only confirmed this.

Among the various hardware and software unveilings and reveals was iOS 11.  iOS 11, Apple’s mobile operating system will be available to consumers later this year and follows the popular iOS 10 update.  There’s a lot to love, however, some feature like always, are completely useless.  Additionally, Apple unveiled it’s new iPad Pro lineup, new Apple Watches, and a $5,000 iMac Pro.  Here are a few highlights worth noting.

iOS 11 Unpacked

  • What is it: Apple’s newest successor to their mobile operating system.  iOS 11 will replace iOS 10.  iOS 10 received overwhelmingly popular feedback from consumers.
  • When will it be released: According to Apple, “this fall.”

iOS 11 is slated to bring a variety of new features to Apple’s mobile platforms.  One major update will come to Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant.  The voice assistant will receive a new voice and be able to do more than with previous versions of the program.  Additionally, new professional features will be added to the camera application.  Augmented reality (AR) functionality will also be added.  To top off the update, a new app store will be available.