More Physicians and More Women in Medicine Reports Shows

More Licensed Physicians and More Women in Medicine According to State Medical Board

Despite an ever growing physician shortage, a report published by the Federation of State Medical Boards has found that the number of licensed physicians is increasing.  According to that report, the number of licensed physicians increased by 12% over the past six years.  Despite that number, there are still thousands of unfilled doctor jobs in the US and that number of unfilled positions is only expected to grow.  However, there’s one group that’s working towards defeating the physician shortage.  That group is women.

Women in Medicine on The Rise

It’s important to note, however, though the number of licensed physicians has increased by 12% the population has also increased.  On the bright side, the US population is growing slower than it ever has.  Of course, there’s one major component that’s leading to physician shortage and that’s an aging population.  As previously mentioned, there’s one demographic that’s working to change that and that’s women.

Women now account for roughly 1/3 of all licensed physicians in the United States and that number is only growing.  Approximately 49% of all medical school students are women.  There is something to note about this.  Though women are making strides in medicine, they don’t work as much and they don’t make as much.

According to a 2017 report, female physicians in the US make 14% less than male physicians.  That comes from the average annual salary of primary care physicians.  The numbers are roughly the same for specialists.

Even more shocking is that black women make even less than white women while both groups make less than both white and black men.  This is especially interesting to note because even though there are more and more women in medicine, they are still being paid less and that’s a trend that’s not changing much.