ENTERTAINING TIPS :: spring edition

Spring entertaining means polishing up the silver cake cutting utensils, freshly cut tulips, deliciously tasty springtime food, and entertaining with a new mindset, free from the glitter of the holidays. Our keys for hosting effortless fêtes are drawn from planning and hosting large-scale events for our clients, and our principles always remain the same. Keeping things gorgeous and light means they’ll remain unstuffy and just plain lovely.

Keep it simple, yet classic. Table top items like punch bowls, big baskets filled with croissants, an abundance of jams, and linen napkins are always a hit.

Dress your table properly but with ease. Think about incorporating bunches of tulips in julep cups down your centerpiece for a touch of whimsy. Or use your grandmother’s vintage tea cups and fill with blooms that will fill the table with vibrant spring color. {See our DIY here.}

spring entertaining spring entertaining

Classic punches served with berries and edible flowers will be a hit. Bonus: you can pre-make them in big batches. Our go-to spring recipe: add one concentrated can of pineapple juice and one can of orange juice {we prefer organic but that’s us}, juice of one lime, two bottles of San Pelligrino. Pour into a decorative punch bowl and add an ice ring.

You can also punch up the bevvy by adding a bottle or two of sparkling wine or processo, dependent upon your taste!

*We made the bundt cake ice rings by freezing edible peals in 1/4″ water then topping with more water to freeze fully.

spring entertaining

 Punch image photo by Laura Marchbanks for Valley & Co.

Elegant tiered trays {you can rent from a rental company} can not only serve a purpose as a table side butler, but they lend a fresh touch and display food so nicely.

Thank your guests by sending them home with something sweet. Little jams and biscuits, a thank you note will do the trick, as would sweet handkerchiefs or a handwritten recipe.

spring entertaining

 Photos: Valley & Co.

With a few little personal touches and tricks you can host your next spring soirée with the best of them! Do you have a special occasion coming up to celebrate?


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