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Bistro glasses are in surplus at our home and workshop and we use them in so many ways: from single-bloom vessels at our client weddings to wine pairing mediums, treat bowls, painting dishes, and everything in between. So why not turn them into candles? This project will take about an hour to make and then overnight to cool. It’s easy and fun to see the results!


4 – 4 oz. bistro glasses {Crate and Barrel has great ones for a few dollars each} || soy wax flakes {1 lb.} || soy braided candle wicks || colored wax for dyeing your candles || candle scents, if desired || bamboo skewers || hot glue gun {optional}

Bistro Glass Candles

Step 1. take your braided wicks and place at the bottom of the bistro glass, ensuring they are straight. Curl the excess top around a bamboo skewer and lay the skewer flat on the glass. Editor’s Note: you may glue down the wick with hot glue if you prefer – we don’t as we like to mix the color in the container.

Bistro Glass Candles

Step 2. pour wax flakes into the bistro glass and add enough wax flakes to reach the top. Microwave as designated on the wax flake packaging. Note: you may prepare the wax in a glass pitcher or measuring glass with a spout in one big batch but we like to do ours individually and add coloring separately.

Continue to add wax {as it shrinks when it melts} until the wax is about 1/2″ from the top of the glass.

Bistro Glass Candles

Step 3. add shavings of wax coloring until you reach your desired color, stirring into each glass. As we wanted a pastel look we took about 1 teaspoon of shavings per candle. Mix until the color is melted in and desired effect reached. Add in any scent drops that you’d like. We recommend spooning a spoonful of the colored wax into a separate glass jar and leaving for the morning.

Step 4. leave the candles in a flat space and let them cool and harden overnight. You may notice a few bubbles on top {pop with a skewer} or crack gently. If so, heat up the remnant wax and pour over the top to smooth it out.

Bistro Glass Candles Bistro Glass Candles Bistro Glass Candles Bistro Glass Candles Bistro Glass Candles Bistro Glass Candles Bistro Glass Candles Bistro Glass Candles Bistro Glass Candles

 Photos and project: Valley & Co.

Couldn’t you see these as the most perfectly sweet hostess gifts for springtime soirees?


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