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Ah, the sweet tooth. Sometimes we get a serious hankering to mix up light and airy fresh desserts just because, or when we’re gearing up for a dinner party. We created this recipe to illuminate some of our favorite springtime flavors: lemon curd and blueberries with a hint of sweet-meets-tart with a crunchy crust. It’s a simple dessert to create but looks entirely adorable and is just as tasty as it looks!

Some days just call for a delectable little treat like this, a good book and a closed laptop.

Blueberry Lemon Tartsingredients3

6 pre-made graham cracker tart shells || 12 oz. lemon curd {store bought or homemade} || 8 oz. fresh whipped cream || 1 cup blueberries || 3 Tbs. sugar

Fill empty graham cracker shells until they’re overflowing with lemon curd, about 2 oz. in each, give or take.

Whip the cream with an electric mixer and 1 Tbs. sugar {more or less if you like}. Place whipping cream into a piping bag and use a small star tip {or whatever you prefer} and pipe whipping cream onto the center of the tart.

Place the blueberries and 2 Tbs. sugar in a saucepan and cook on medium-low heat for about 5 minutes, stirring gently until they’re softened. Strain in a colander to remove excess juices. Let cool and strain again. Place the blueberries around the tart in a ring and tadah! You’ve got a tasty little dessert that’s flavorful and quite easy to make. Cute, too!


Photos and recipes: Valley & Co.


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