HAPPY HOUR :: Sweet Mint Raspberry Spritzer

Freshly baked croissants. A crisp winter day. Curling up watching movies and sipping on our sweet mint raspberry spritzers. How’s that for a relaxing weekend? This past week few by in a flurry – in a blink it was gone! So we declared this weekend one for the rejuvenating books. Cheers to you and your weekend!

Sweet Mint Raspberry Spritzer


3 oz. fresh raspberry purée {we make ours by puréeing 3 oz. raspberries and 3 Tbs. water  || 1 oz. club soda|| 1 tsp. sugar || two mint sprigs || fresh whole raspberries || ice

Purée the raspberries and water and strain out the berries. In a cocktail shaker add sugar and one sprig of mint leaves. Muddle together. Add ice, raspberry juice and club soda. Shake for a minute and pour into a champagne saucer. If you want an alcoholic version {Aleah’s expecting so we’re all about making chic and tasty non-alcoholic options!} add St. Germain liqueur or a splash of champagne.

Sweet Mint Raspberry SpritzerSweet Mint Raspberry SpritzerPhotos and recipe: Valley & Co. Lifestyle


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