IN THE KITCHEN :: Winter Sangria

Pitcher drinks are a must for holiday gatherings as hosts and hostesses can mix up well in advance and not have to play bartender. Nick mixed up this delightfully refreshing winter sangria that’s an excellent combination of rich brandy and light fruit. Cheers!

Winter Sangria Winter Sangria Winter Sangria

Valley & Co.’s Winter Sangria

youll need

2 750 ml. bottles red wine {Merlot} – dependent upon the pitcher size || 1 cup brandy || ¼ cup sugar || Seeds from one pomegranate || 2 thinly sliced Bartlett pears {or your favorite} || Ice || Club soda

Pour sugar and pomegranate seeds in the bottom of the pitcher. Gently muddle together. Add brandy and wine. Incorporate pear slices. Best if you cover and refrigerate overnight. Remove before serving and add ice and top with club soda.

Winter Sangria Winter Sangria Winter Sangria Winter Sangria

Photos by Dennis Wise for Valley & Co. and Food Should Taste Good

Do you have a favorite holiday cocktail?


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