Holiday Pop-Up Party

Mmm. Good friends, delicious food and drinks and holiday cheer. It’s what the season is about so when we created our Holiday Pop-Up Party for client Food Should Taste Good we kept these four priorities in mind. You can see our full feature and a number of recipes in their Crunch Feed but we couldn’t help but share one of our favorite recipes and good ol’ holiday entertaining tips.Holiday Pop-Up Party Holiday Pop-Up Party Holiday Pop-Up Party Holiday Pop-Up Party Holiday Pop-Up Party Holiday Pop-Up Party Holiday Pop-Up Party

IngredientsCranberry and Sage Dip

1 8 oz. container of whipped cream cheese || 8 oz. cranberry sauce || Fresh sage {5 medium sage leaves julienned plus a few for garnish} || Pinch of salt

Combine whipped cream and cranberry sauce with a cake spatula. Fold in julienned sage leaves and salt. Garnish with sage leaves and/or cranberries.

Holiday Pop-Up Party Holiday Pop-Up Party Holiday Pop-Up Party Holiday Pop-Up Party



  • Invite friends to come bearing their favorite impromptu party dish: whether it’s bakery macarons, a pitcher of cider or sangria, FSTG chips and dip, or a hearty soup.
  • Serve mini bowls of squash soup as guests arrive and garnish with a sprinkling of FSTG’s The Works chips and a chip on the side
  • A pre-stocked bar cart with chips and pairings will impress your guests
  • Have your friends stage their creations on a table as ready-to-eat bites so guests can create a festive and tasty plate
  • White lights can add the perfect amount of ambiance on an otherwise blank wall
  • Decorate with blank metallic picture frames that can later be used as an impromptu photo booth backdrop
  • Pre-mixed cocktails like sangria that can be made well in advance are nice to display as guests arrive

play list

  • An eclectic play list that doesn’t sway too mainstream or too holiday will keep your party in full swing
  • Mix classic holiday tunes with reggae versions of Christmas music. Pepper in some Frank Sinatra or hip hop with your favorite songs for an unexpected and fresh play list
  • Set up a laptop with a music app like Spotify and have each guest add their Top 5 Holiday Songs when they arrive and hit shuffle

Are you hosting a holiday soiree this year?

Photos by Dennis Wise || Recipes and styling by Valley & Co.


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