IN THE CRAFT ROOM :: Festive Confetti Ornaments

The holidays are made ultra festive when confetti and glitter are in abundance, don’t you think? Okay, that’s Aleah’s opinion, not Mr. Valley’s! Enter our shimmering fringed confetti ornaments that we crafted from standard tissue paper. Did we mention how easy this project is?
fringed confetti ornaments

youll need tissue paper || very sharp scissors || plastic clear ornaments || ribbon

DIY Fringed Confetti Ornaments

We couldn’t find the perfect confetti so…we made our own thanks to this easy Real Simple tutorial.

Take a sheet of tissue paper and fold it over several times. Cut a 1/2″ strip width-wise across the folded tissue.

Then fringe off smaller strips ever 1/4″ or less to make tiny confetti pieces.

DIY Fringed Confetti Ornaments

Tadah! Fun, isn’t it?

DIY Fringed Confetti Ornaments

Fill the ornaments with as much confetti as you like – we loaded ours up with tons of silver and blue fringed confetti!

DIY Fringed Confetti Ornaments

Cinch with a metallic ribbon and they’re ready to adorn O’ Christmas Tree or to gift as party favors.

DIY Fringed Confetti Ornaments DIY Fringed Confetti Ornaments DIY Fringed Confetti Ornaments

Photos and project: Valley & Co. Lifestyle

How would you use this festive confetti in your holiday entertaining repertoire?

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