Happy Hour {Memorial Weekend Edition}

The unofficial start to summer has arrived! We’re scurrying of to create with crêpe paper and metal {and blooms!} for tomorrow’s wedding but are looking forward to kicking back and relaxing for the long holiday. With cocktail in hand, naturally. Here are four of our most popular cocktail recipes of all time on Valley & Co. Lifestyle, just for you! We hope you enjoy, friends! 

4 Memorial Weekend Cockctails


lemonade sparkler

Photo: Terri Rippee Photography for Valley & Co.

Our Lemonade Sparkler is amazing. Remember this cocktail from two years ago? Yup. It’s the one that’s now been pinned over 500k times! Think we know what will be a go-to cocktail for this weekend. Here’s the recipe:


2 oz. strawberry infused Svedka vodka | 2 oz. simple syrup | 2 oz. fresh lemon juice {or pink lemonade} | sparkling wine

Pour simple syrup and vodka into a shaker and shake with ice and add lemon juice. Top with sparkling wine | Garnish with strawberries and mint

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sangria three ways

Valley & Co.’s Sangria Three Waysingredients2 White Wine Sangria:
2/3 cup white sugar | orange slices | lime slices | lemon slices | diced green apples |
½ liter of club soda | 1 bottle Chardonnay

Red Wine Sangria:
1½ cups rum | ½ cup white sugar | 1 cup orange juice | lemon slices | orange slices |
lime slices | 1 bottle dry red wine (try a Spanish rioja) 

Rosé Sangria:
½ liter club | soda | sliced nectarines | green apple cubes | lemon slices | lime slices |
orange slices | 1 bottle dry French rosé 

Mix each in a carafe, refrigerate overnight, and serve with ice 

blood orange mint sunset

Our Blood Orange and Mint Sunset {photo by Valley & Co.}

blood oranges || 1 oz. blood orange liqueur || .5 oz. gin || seltzer water || a handful of mint leaves || ice || fine grained sugar

Dampen the rim of a low ball glass and dip in sugar. Muddle a few mint leaves in the bottom the low ball. Add ice, blood orange liqueur and gin. Stir and top with seltzer water. Serve with orange wedges and mint leaves as garnish. Cheers!

Editor’s note: if you want a mocktail version, substitute the liqueur with blood orange juice and omit the gin.

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Our Easy Spiked Lemonade recipe is, well, quite easy! It’s very refreshing, too!

a can of Limonata {a fizzy Italian lemonade} | vodka | mint leaves

Pour 1 oz. of vodka into a bistro glass. Top with Limonata and ice and garnish with mint. That’s it. Easy peasy!


…and, if you’re looking to set up shop with a fun picnic or snack board for your party or impromptu entertaining, Kraft paper works wonders! Roll out paper {or a brown paper bag} and write out names for fun cheeses and spreads. Enjoy!


Photo: Elle G. Photography for Valley & Co.

Have a very safe and fun Memorial weekend, all!




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