In the Craft Room: Découpage Easter Eggs

Yesterday we shared our Pot o’ Gold tutorial for St. Patrick’s Day so it feels slightly rushed to share an Easter egg tutorial the next. Nonetheless, Easter is one of our favorite springtime holidays and we’ve got hundreds of fun memories hunting for be-speckled eggs nestled in the bushes, opening sweet Easter baskets created so thoughtfully by our parents {um, we mean the Easter Bunny!} and enjoying brunch with our families: honeyed ham, local delights and all sorts of traditional Easter fare.

Over the years we’ve become quite accustomed to making creative Easter eggs to display nestled in grasses or tissue: last year we made those popular Ombre Easter Eggs, before we’ve bedazzled them {okay, Nick sat that one out}…this year we wanted to give découpage a go. Découpage is a method of taking something like paper or a sticker, etc. and painting with layers of glue. Here’s what we made:



Modge Podge | sponge brush | paper flowers, bunnies, etc. {can be cut out from paper or napkins} or stickers} | boiled eggs that are cooled and dry

DIY decoupage Easter eggs

Step 1: place your cutouts on PLASTIC {don’t place them on paper as we did or they can stick!} and gently brush the Modge Podge to both sides.DIY decoupage Easter eggs

DIY decoupage Easter eggs

DIY decoupage Easter eggs

Step 2. place the cutout atop the egg, adhering as best as possible.

Editor’s note: you may see that if it’s a longer or wider shape the cutout will start to bubble. We remedied this by cutting those bubbling edges gently with an Exacto knife. Just score a little and then fold in the sides.DIY decoupage Easter eggs

Step 3. place a last coating of Modge Podge atop the cutout once it’s dry.

Step 4. place some crumpled paper or plastic baggies at the bottom of a vase or julep cup and surround with greenery. Nestle your egg and you’ve got a darling Easter display!2

DIY decoupage Easter eggs

DIY decoupage Easter eggs

DIY decoupage Easter eggs

Photos and DIY: Valley & Co.

How do you decorate your Easter eggs? We’d love to see your favorite links to Easter recipes, projects or your own photos…please share ’em below!


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