DIY: Festive Cupcake Flags

Friends, we’ve missed you! We took a week off from blogging as we prepped for this past weekend’s incredible market-inspired wedding celebration and it feels wonderful to be back and sharing some festive delights. We’re aflutter awaiting spring’s arrival and some of our favorite fun holidays on the horizon, like St. Patrick’s Day… We’re into celebrating the holiday with a festive and authentic Irish dinner and brews and, tasty desserts {green, of course!}. Our easy peasy festive cupcake flags we made for a friend’s son’ s first birthday bash are a super cute way to dress up green cupcakes with a touch of gold. Did we mention they’re quite easy to make?

DIY cupcake flags


decorative paper || toothpicks || a pencil || hot glue DIY cupcake flags


Step 1. Lay your paper pattern side down and trace out your flags with a pencil, starting with the left edge of the paper. Make a hash mark about 1″ from the edge and trim towards that. You may use a ruler if you need, but it should be one snip of the scissors.DIY cupcake flags

Step 2. place your triangles pattern down again and lay the tootpicks on top, about 1/8″ from the edge.

Step 3. Gently bend the paper around the toothpick and secure with a line of hot glue. DIY cupcake flags

DIY cupcake flags

DIY cupcake flags

Darling, aren’t they? It’s a great project for the kiddos and can be customized for all special occasions: birthday parties, baby showers and Easter brunches. Not to mention, it’s an inexpensive project that has major impact.

DIY cupcake flags

DIY cupcake flags

DIY cupcake flags

Photos and DIY: Valley & Co.

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? We’ve been known to go with traditions {Aleah is half Irish} like stewing up corned beef and cabbage, making soda bread and planting clover. Really – it’s become something so fun that we look forward to!

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