Valentine’s Day Challenge: Kitchen Living with Coryanne

Ooh, friends, we’re quite giddy with Valentine’s excitement as we roll out four posts this week from some of our favorite blogging friends. We mailed out some special packages filled with miscellaneous goodies {some contained flamingo stir sticks, others walnuts and glittering paper…} and hereby challenged the creatives to whip up something extraordinary with their creative flair for Valentine’s Day. First up is our wonderfully supportive and inspiring friend, Coryanne Ettiene from Kitchen Living With Coryanne. We not only loved what she created with the contents of our eclectic box, but we adore her Valentine’s Day story. Enjoy!

{Here’s an iPhone peek of some of the contents}vday

From Coryanne: Valentines Day has shifted in tradition over the years.  When my husband and I were first married, finding the perfect restaurant, was a priority, but as our family grew, it became more about finding time to re-create that date night at home, until we eventually landed at the tradition we celebrate today…  celebrating our love as a family by serving up a bounty of sweet treats so that we spend the day with sugar dusted lips.   Hence the inspiration behind my DIY sugar lips parcel.  This year our children will be playing cupid and delivering sugar lips to their teachers with home made infused sugars…so simple to make that my 4 year old is now a veteran confectionist.

infused sugar from Coryanne

Using white granulated sugar as a base, you can infuse sugar with any number of items, from rose petals, to herbs to citrus rinds… spreading sugar-dusted lips the natural way, one pot at a time.

Simply add white granulated sugar to a large mixing bowl, and a pinch of your aromatic delight.  Cover it for a few days to allow the contents to settle, taste, adjust with either more sugar or more accents and then bottle when you have the right “love” potion.

Using the materials Nick and Aleah sent me, I let them be my guide and lead my inspiration towards a citrus sugar, and I added texture to my sugar spoon with the ribbon to ensure that the packaging looks as pretty as the sugar tastes.  Accents of pink, orange and yellow playfully mix with the on trend green gift bag, let us just hope that they make it to school looking as pretty as when they left my kitchen.

So lovely! Thank you so much for sharing this sweetness, Coryanne! Happy Valentine’s Day and come back tomorrow when Courtney from Pizzazzerie shares her spin on our box o’ fun!


  1. Coryanne Ettiene says

    Sugar lips for everyone! So delighted to grace your pages today… Happy V-day to all and to all a good dose of Love Potion Number 9.

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