Sip It: Pomegranate Lime Splash

With so many reasons to celebrate on the springtime horizon {Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, oh my!}, we’re big fans of celebrating these holidays in true effortless fashion. We’re smitten with this recipe from Lifestyle contributor, Katie Meyers of Meyers Styles, as you can make ahead in easy batchs or let guests serve themselves. What fun! Thanks for stopping by, Katie!


Valentine’s Day doesn’t only mean a table for two! While Cupid prepares to strike his arrow, invite friends and family over for a Bubbly Brunch Bubbly Brunch to celebrate special friendships as well! By now you may have realized my love for drinks that entail a pop of fizz so I recently hosted a Bubbly Brunch and this cocktail recipe was the hit of the party! Trust me, you’ll be sure to spread the love year-round by serving this drink at any party.


Pomegranate juice and seeds | Champagne or Prosecco Prosecco (Zonin is one of my favorites & at a great price point!) | 1 lime cut into slices |

1. Fill each glass ¼ way with pomegranate juice
2. Top off glass with Champagne or Prosecco
3. Insert toothpick into a slightly bent lime slice and rest on top of glass
4. Gently top lime slice with pomegranate seeds


Photos and recipe: Meyers Style

What’s on your Valentine’s Day agenda? We’ll be knee-deep in a mega move {hooray!} so may need two of these cocktails!

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