Make It: Indoor Winter Terrarium

We’ve reached that time of year when the winter days grace us with their pastel presence, the sunlight is dancing just a bit longer and the ground is still frozen much of the day. Yet, springtime is on the horizon and it’s one of our favorite turns in time: with crocuses and daffodils budding and trees showing their green blooms. As we eagerly await Spring’s entrance, why not create your own winter terrarium you can enjoy indoors? Aleah grew up with my mom and grandma knowing and sharing everything there is to know about plants and flowers {really, truly}, so taking care of plants has been something special we both enjoy together.  

You can give your Green Thumb a bit of winter practice by creating a garden that’s colorful and au natural, filled with moss and ferns and cheery perennials.


perennial terrarium

 indoor winter terrarium

Step 1. take a small perennial like a primorose {they’re abundant now at grocery stores and nurseries – we scored this one for $1} out of its container

indoor winter terrarium

Step 2. place a layer of dirt and rocks in the bottom of a clean glass vase 

indoor winter terrarium

Step 3. layer moss atop the dirt and rock and repeat until you’ve reached 1/2 of the vase 

indoor winter terrarium

Step 4. nestle the perennial into the vase

indoor winter terrarium

Step 5. use your scoop to fill in the rest of the terrarium with moss, dirt and rocks

indoor winter terrarium

 Cinch with a springtime ribbon and you’ve got an instant terrarium that will bring you joy indoors this winter.

indoor winter terrarium

Photos and project: Valley & Co.

So, bring the outdoors in and let’s anticipate springtime with a spot of joy in a vase!

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