DIY Winter Terrarium Magnets

We took a break. A much-needed break. The time between Christmas and the New Year is always a time we take off, though this year we were still knee-deep with client work and projects, so while we were able to savor this time we didn’t get a chance to totally unplug. We came back recharged. Filled with purpose. A simplified approach to life. Our business. Our blogs. We’re back fired up and ready to share. To learn. To hopefully inspire. You likely know we strive to share creative ideas on the daily. We’re going to continue this but amplified. Why not create more of a community where our readers are involved in our posts and have discussions? So stay tuned as we not only continue to share snippets of our wedding, event, and magazine work and DIY projects and recipe, but also our Book Club 2013. Creative business chats. Blogger challenges. Sound like a plan?

Kicking off our new mantra of living, laughing, loving, creating, and doing {even} more, we’re sharing this little ditty of a DIY. Enjoy!



liquid nails {you could use another high strength glue} || little metal spice containers  {try a storage like Storables store or a craft store}|| magnets || goodies to fill the containers

directions2 Step 1…Take your magnets and be sure they’re sized to fit on the back of the containers. Glue the magnet to the back of the container and let dry.

Step 2…once dry, fill your container with little goodies you’ve collected. We chose glitter, a little pinecone, and acorn and lichen we gathered on a winter stroll. You can choose to glue the pieces into the container if they need to stay put.


We’re suckers for touches that are thoughtful, yet simple. Who wouldn’t love to receive these as a winter gift? You can fill them with so many items, too: buttons, gems, spices….whatever tickles your fancy! 

P1180174 Photos and DIY: Valley & Co. Lifestyle

So, whatdya think? Are you in? What are you fired up about going into this year anew? We’d love for you to share! What are you going to create? Any must-read books we should dive into or recipes we must make?

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