DIY Key to My Heart Garland

Late winter and springtime holidays seem to bring out the kids in us; we get to play with glitter and make paper hearts, hunt for shamrocks and pastel colored eggs and and enjoy baskets of candy and magical goodies! We usually celebrate Valentine’s Day with a delicious dinner cooked at home and a relaxing evening spent kicking back, but this year we’re likely planning a pop-up Valentine’s dinner in Seattle with some of our favorite area artists and chefs {stay tuned!}. So when dreaming up some ideas something playing off vintage decorative keys with ornate detailing came to mind: enter our Key to My Heart Garland.


 old ornate keys || a heavier duty ribbon like grosgrain || you can suspend with tacks or museum tape

key garland

String a vintage key through the ribbon to the very end {leaving just an inch or two} and secure with a loose knot. Repeat every few inches, depending on your desired length.

key garland 2

Old keys tell such a story, don’t they? Oh, to imagine what they’ve unlocked over the years and who has held them.

key garlands 2

Use this garland to adorn a Valentine’s Day gift, on the backs of chairs or suspended above a romantic dinner table.

key garlands 3

DIY and photos: Valley & Co.

Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day just yet? What’s your tradition?

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