New Year’s Eve Bubbly and Bites Recipes

The holidays have come and nearly gone in a flash of family, laughter and celebration. Boy, did we have a spectacular Christmas with our families: we learned how to make Norwegian lefse, played games, watched cozy holiday movies, laughed, spent hours with our families in the kitchen, and just gave thanks for having such wonderful love that surrounds us.

This New Year’s Eve we look back fondly on the year that was 2012: for us it was a game-changer in so many ways. We made serious decisions and moves {literally — it’s so good to be home in the Pacific Northwest}, tried new things, took risks and leaps {some were so amazing and some…not so much}, learned a whole lot, loved a whole lot, were saddened by tragedy in this world, but appreciated just how grateful we are……here’s to 2012 and hoping 2013 is marvelous for us all. We will laugh even more {if that’s possible}, try new things and strive to create and share even more.

As we jump head-first into a new year of course we couldn’t leave you hanging without some effortless entertaining ideas, could we? Here are recipes {shhh…so easy but your guests will rave!} for champagne 3-ways and an especially delish citrus and thyme appetizer that you can make in a snap. Enjoy, friends. Enjoy.

bubbly and bites three ways

Thyme, Citrus, Fennel, and Goat Cheese Bites

ingredients1 orange || 2 tsp. fresh thyme || shaved fennel {to your liking} || shaved shallots {to your liking} || 3 oz. goat cheese || crackers


Lay out your crackers {or crostini} on a serving platter or rustic cutting board.

Slice citrus segments into thin triangles with the peel removed.

Take the thyme and remove from the sprig.

Shave ultra thin slices of fennel and shallots {use a mandoline} — about one piece per cracker

Place a dollop of goat cheese on each cracker and top with a sprinkle of thyme, a fennel slice, citrus triangle and a shallot. Tadah!

These are really tasty and refreshing and perfectly paired with bubbly. 




For our next trick, we whipped up bubbly {of course a New Year’s Eve staple!} with citrus and thyme. The result is out of this world unique and tasty. ingredients

good champagne, prosecco or cava || a thyme sprig for each flute || an orange peel zest for each flute

Place a sprig of thyme and zest in each flute and pour bubbly on top. It’s that easy! 






Okay, this next version of bubbly is also extraordinarily good. Who would have thought a cherry glaze and citrus could taste so good?

Cherry and Citrus Champagne


orange segments || cherry balsamic or syrup {about 1 tsp. per glass} || champagne

Take citrus segments and place in the bottom of a champagne flute. Add 1 tsp. of cherry balsamic or syrup and top with champagne.


Sprinkle-Rimmed Champagne


Finally, why not punch up the fun factor with edible “confetti?” While your guests may not want to sip on something so sweet all night, rim a champagne glass with water and dip in colored sprinkles. Pour champagne into the glass and you’ve got a darling welcome cocktail.  





P1170773 Photos and Recipes: Valley & Co.

 Here’s wishing you and yours a most happy, festive, sparkling, love-filled, fun, and safe New Year’s Eve. Thank you for being so wonderful and letting us share our ideas and stories! All our best and we’ll see you in 2013, Aleah and Nick


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