Make Them! Little Snow Globes {with Detailed Instructions}

One of the best things about this weekend’s girls’ craft party was the laughter and enjoyment that we all shared. I {it’s me, Aleah writing today!} am so grateful that my mom planned a fun evening where I could just let go, relax and create to my hearts’ content. During the holidays my mind is always abuzz with so much: it’s a flurry of excitement, ideas, family and friends, and trying to enjoy each moment. Getting a chance to just kick back and create and not focus on our social calendar, the stresses that often accompany the season or any worries just melted away with each brush stroke….for that I am grateful!

Okay, by now we’ve all seen little homemade snow globes in various shapes and sizes shared across the web {Martha Stewart’s from years ago is our favorite}, but we haven’t seen the how-to steps shared entirely properly. There are a few things to remember when making your own and, if you don’t follow the tips, your globes can become cloudy and the glitter can rust. Not a pretty scene! We were excited to whip up our own anyways during the season, so we wanted to share our tips and eye candy. Hope you enjoy – and here are some photos from the bubbly + crafting party!


jars {we love old jam and peanut butter jars in odd shapes | distilled water {so important!} | glycerin |  non-metal glitter that is a heavier gauge {also so key} | woodland creatures {plastic only!} – many of you asked where we found ours: hardware store, Michael’s and another local craft store | extra heavy duty glue or epoxy {make sure it’s water proof – something like roofing glue or construction epoxy is great!}

Step 1. glue the base of your animals and trees to the lid of the clean, dry jar. Let dry for several hours.

Step 2. once dry you can choose to paint the base of the jars with glitter {we didn’t}

Step 3. fill the jar with distilled water nearly to the top, but not all the way. We’d leave about 1/4″ of room between the bottom of the jar. Add a drop of glycerine.

Step 4. add glitter! Um, we mean snow! We added about 4 tbs. – add more or less depending on your jar. Too much can prevent you from seeing your animals and trees.

Now here’s another place we haven’t seen tips properly shared: DO NOT glue the lid on until you gauge your glitter! Once you’ve added your glitter secure the top and turn over and shake gently. If you want more glitter add more! Once you’re satisfied with the glitter ratio, then use a Q-Tip to glue the lid shut for security.

You’ve got your own instant woodland scene!


Now we have a few frost-dusted trees that were a tad too tall for the jars, so we made this lovely lid-less menagerie and we’re just loving it. Mixing and matching makes for a creative setting.

Photos and DIY: Valley & Co.

Okay, are you in the holiday spirit? Come on…share what you’re up to! We’d love to see what DIY projects you’re whipping up!



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