Make It: Woodland Creature Canning Jars

It’s Sunday. It’s nearly Christmas. We did manage to act as cheery elves last week {after seeing Elf, the Musical, no less!} to pass out some of our handmade gifts to our friendors in Seattle {it was the season for gifts in jars!} and we’re amped up for a most festive week as we countdown to Christmas and the New Year. We spent this weekend kicking back a bit, rather unusual, but we did crank out a number of fun posts coming your way this week: how to print recipes on tea towels, not one, but 3, Christmas cookie recipes, cocktail recipes galore… much so that we’re kicking off our pre-holiday week today.

As many of us always have that aha person on our gift giving list {whether it’s a neighbor or mailman…}, we dreamed up the perfect rather last-minute gift that is thoughtful and darling: Woodland Creature-Topped Canning Jars with a Dusting of Snow. You can whip these up in a flash and they’re a perfect gift for kids to make. Fill the jars with holiday delights.

canning jars and lids | heavy-duty adhesive | woodland creature | heavy gauge white/clear glitter | goodies to fill the jar with

Take the lid of the canning jar and layer a thick coating of the adhesive on.

Dust the glitter on the top, shaking to remove excess.

Let dry to see if you like the effect. If you want more glitter, add another thin layer of adhesive.

Once you’e achieved maximum glitter capacity, dab some beads of adhesive on the snow and anchor your little creature.

Once dry place the top snugly atop the jar. Gently brush off any additional excess glitter and your’e all set!

Photos and DIY: Valley & Co.

 Have you got the perfect last-minute holiday gift idea? Do share!


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