Make It: Sweet Little Christmas Gift Adornments

Thanksgiving has come and gone in a flurry of extreme deliciousness {on our family menu: grilled turkey, Brussel sprouts with bacon, German-style stuffing, Norwegian Lefse, mini scalloped potatoes, French beans, sugared cranberries, plum torte, pumpkin pie {whew!}, and a palate cleanser of shaved fennel, red onion and citrus salad with pistachios and lemon mint}! Needless to say, while the food was absolutely amazing and a true family affair, we also gave thanks and truly appreciated each bite and all that we are thankful for.

As many rush to get out and shop for Black Friday, we’re staying nestled in at the island with family and prepping for Aleah’s Grandma’s birthday today. There’s no place else we’d rather be! We’ll be watching the Apple Cup {a Washington State rivalry for the better part of a century} and spending the rest of the weekend relaxing and whipping up holiday goodies and little gifts. We’ve shared with you before that we love nothing more than gifting sweet items packaged up quite pretty. Today’s holiday how-to fits the bill as we found another use for the vintage Swiss butter molds Aleah’s parents’ have: as gift adornments!

To wrap up your packages with these charming elements, you’ll need: Kraft paper | neutral ribbon | gold and copper leaves | butter molds | museum tape or double-sided tape

Wrap up the packages with ribbon and slip an evergreen sprig or leaf under the ribbon. Secure with tape. Adhere the butter mold and there you have it. A totally thoughtful little gift!

A simple sprig from an evergreen tree topped with a vintage wooden butter mold looks just gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Painted leaves have been adorning our family holiday table all season thus far and they add a little touch of whimsy to a gift.

Photos and project: Valley & Co. 

Was your Thanksgiving extra wonderful? How are you spending the rest of the weekend?


  1. Jen Moreland says


    I am wondering where you found your butter molds? I am a ceramic artist and am playing with making beads/tiles from these. I am working on building my collection.

    Any information would be appreciated!


    • says

      Hi there!
      Your idea sounds so lovely! These have been in Aleah’s family for some time so unfortunately we can’t tell you where they came from. Maybe try an online search? Best of luck!

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