Make It: Square Holiday Wreath with a Vintage Butter Mold

Whenever Aleah spends time with her Grandma the creative ideas swirl. Grandma Lonnie was a florist and has a knack for turning the ordinary into something truly lovely. So last week we went to town making up a whole slew of holiday projects. One of our favorites is the DIY Paper White Terrarium and today’s square wreath!

To make our Square Holiday Wreath with a Vintage Butter Moldevergreen sprigs | a wire coat hanger {use a non-white hanger – we learned!} | green floral twine or wire | floral tape | pliers | festive ribbon cut to about 12″ | a vintage butter mold

Step 1. using your pliers, form the coat hanger into a square or rectangle, ensuring it lays nice and flat.

Step 2. lay your tree sprigs upside down and secure to the coat hanger with twine or wire, cinching tightly. Repear this process until your wreath is nice and full.

Step 3. weave your ribbon around the hanger to give it a clean appearance and cover the wire. Tie it off with a sweet bow.

Step 4. tie the twine through your butter mold and secure to the hanger tightly, making sure the mold will hang in the center of the wreath.

Photos and project: Valley & Co.

Pretty darling and festive, don’t you think? We’ll be making a few of these to scatter around our doorways for that dose of holiday cheer.


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