DIY: Glittering Woodland Trees

Remember a while back {okay, many times} when we told you we love to create and tinker? Today’s little DIY post is a shining example of taking something rather ordinary and whipping it into something cute and glittery. The other day were were hitting up craft stored looking for the perfect little trees for the snow globes we’ll be making. Needless to say, nothing tickled our fancy, but we came across these woodland trees at the dollar store. Cute? Sure. But they needed something…..enter glitter. We find that even natural elements can magically turn festive with a dusting of glitter.

little holiday trees {we found these at the dollar store} | glue | a paint brush | a skewer | crystals or gems

Take a dab of glue and dollop it onto the tree tops. Adhere a crystal or sequin with your skewer. Cute, right? Instant tree topper!

Then take a paint brush and gently brush a light layer of glue all around the tree. Roll the tree in glitter and…magic! You’ve got one fine glittery tree!


Photos and DIY: Valley & Co.

Pretty cute, dontcha think? We adore this little polar bear but decided to leave him au naturel…though he could use a dose of glitter. Do you have a a secret Christmas decorating trick? Do share! We’d love for you to leave some holiday love and share what you’re excited about this season!



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