DIY Bird Feeders from Paper Towel Rolls

It’s a gorgeous and crisp autumn morning and, as we pen today’s post, we’re admiring the blue sky and a beautiful Blue Jay pecking away at one of the bird feeders we suspended yesterday. Aleah’s parents are brimming with creative ideas and today’s project was one Aleah’s mom had in her cache for a while. She adores the birds of the Pacific Northwest that flock to their gorgeous island property and nest in the trees and soar by in the wind, with not a care in the world. So this project is for the birds!

Peanut butter | paper towel or toilet paper rolls | bird seed | twine | hole punch

Step 1. punch two holes in the top of your paper towel or toiled paper rolls

Step 2. spread a decently thick, but not overly, layer of peanut butter around the roll

Step 3. roll in bird seed, coating evenly and thickly

Step 4. string twine through the holes to make a loop to suspend from trees

Ta Dah! Pretty fun, right? Wouldn’t this project be fun to create with kids? Often times bird feeders seem to go into hibernation for the winter months, but these easy feeders will keep your bird habitat bustling all season long!

Photos and DIY: Valley & Co.

 Once the birds have nibbled the seeds you can toss the rolls and make fresh ones. So, friends…what’s on the weekend agenda? Any tailgating? DIY projects? Whatever you do enjoy!


  1. Jenny says

    Great idea- I have all those ingredients lying around the house- time to put them, and the kids to good use. Perfect for the weekend. Thanks for posting

  2. Carola says

    Won’t the peanut butter attract flies? that would be my only concern… and that’s only because I really like your idea and want to do this in my garden!
    Thank you,

    • says

      Great question! We have not had that issue – granted we typically use these in the winter, and where we are flies don’t live through the winter. The peanut butter also dries on, kind of cementing the bird seed, so it doesn’t get gooey and too messy. We’d give it a try! Good luck!

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