Make It: Festive Metallic-Dipped Leaves

There are endless possibilities for nature-inspired crafting projects for the fall and upcoming holiday season {we’ve got our long list going!}. Today’s DIY project was inspired by that festive flair we so adore during the holiday season and by these gorgeous plum-toned leaves we spotted drifting through the chilly autumn breeze.

You only really need what Mother Nature provides: beautiful leaves, and some metallic paint

Step 1. Take clean, dry leaves and lay out flat on a clean work surface. Dip each leaf in metallic paint, about halfway up the leaf.

Step 2: Slowly take the leaf out, letting excess paint drip.

Step 3. lay dipped leaves flat and let dry, turning ever so often to prevent sticking. If you notice an excess of paint, take a damp washcloth and gently remove some of the paint. You want the veins of the leaves to show.

When dry, use clothespins and twine to make a festive garland, use to create place cards with guests’ names scrolled across the leaf, or add into fall decor on your mantel.

 Photo and DIY: Valley & Co.

What fall projects are you into this weekend? Are you enjoying the crispness of the season?


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      So happy to hear you enjoy this project! We used Folk Art acrylic paint as it dries pretty quickly and won’t smear if it gets wet. Most craft-type paints that say they can adhere to metals, fabrics, woods, etc. should work. Good luck and please share photos!


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