How To Create a Delicious Fall Cheese Board

‘Tis the season for entertaining and we’re wringing our hands with delight at the fun we’ve got up our sleeves for this festive season. One of our favorite {easy} ways to entertain guests is with one of our favorite treats: cheese. Cheese seems to be a universal delight, don’t you think? Creating a delicious cheese board can be an art form and we go all out when bedecking ours with nibbles and assorted domestic and international favorites. We love to see the look on the faces of guests when they’re welcomed with such a thoughtful treat.

-Less is more. One may think that a huge spread of twenty cheeses and accoutrements is enticing to guests but on the contrary. It can be overwhelming when too much is offered. We recommend offering less than 8 cheese for a party of 20

-Scatter plain crackers and nuts {just make sure you know your guests aren’t allergic} on a wooden cutting board for a rustic look. A dark platter will showcase your cheeses nicely

-Pick assorted cheeses like: a creamy French cow’s milk like a Brie or a Camembert, a hard cheese like a Spanish Manchego, a local chevre {goat’s milk cheese}, a flavorful blue like a Danish Blue cheese or a Stilton or Roquefort

-Offer a tear-apart Epi bread and complimenting fruits like pears and apples

-You can take a cheese board a step further and offer complimenting wines or Brandy depending on your cheese selection, but always be sure to pair non-alcoholic drinks like freshly squeezed apple cider.

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What’s your favorite type of cheese, friends? We can’t pick just one. We’re big fans of cheese and everything that goes along with….


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    What great tips!! I’d have to say brie or a blue cheese is always addicting for me.

    Aaaaaaand now you’ve got me craving queso. I’M HAVIN’ MEXICAN TONIGHT!!! w00t!!!


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