Happy Halloween!


Today the thick, drizzly fog has settled in on the island, which is the perfect weather report for Halloween, don’t you think? The last of the leaves are falling and, as we prep for a day of fun, there’s magic in the air. Today we’re dressing in our costumes and decorating the windows at Trophy […]

Make It: Fall Kale and Apple Salad


Perhaps the freshest, most flavorful bits of fall come from the fresh ingredients and bounty that are prominent this season. This recipe, sent over by our friends at Tower 23 Hotel, has been added to our fall menu as it’s chock-full of those fall ingredients we can’t get enough of: butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, apples…..oh, […]

Make It: Festive Metallic-Dipped Leaves


There are endless possibilities for nature-inspired crafting projects for the fall and upcoming holiday season {we’ve got our long list going!}. Today’s DIY project was inspired by that festive flair we so adore during the holiday season and by these gorgeous plum-toned leaves we spotted drifting through the chilly autumn breeze. You only really need […]

Craft Time: Spooky Metallic Painted Apples


Ooh, Halloween is inching nearer and our minds are reeling with the tricks and treats that await! We’ll be spending the day dressing up windows at Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle and Bellevue for the month of November {we can’t wait to reveal our festive designs} and ogling at the costumes and creativity galore. Now….what shall […]