Make It: Festive Party Swizzle Sticks

Today’s post just makes us happy. It brings back childhood memories of decked out birthday parties with all of the trimmings: we’re talking polka dotted cupcakes, fringed Happy Birthday signs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey… You know, awesome kid stuff! A while back we had friends over for cocktails and we needed something whimsical to jazz up our cocktail glasses – we made some French 75s so something with fringe would do the trick! Enter our festive swizzle sticks, complete with flourishing vellum fringe!

You’ll need: swizzle sticks {any party supply store should carry these} | vellum paper | tape or glue

Step 1: cut 1″ x 8.5″ strips of paper from a vellum sheet {we like vellum as it holds shape nicely}

Step 2: tape {or glue} one end of the paper strip snugly to the top {or base of a decorative element} of the swizzle stick

Step 3: fringe the vellum with sharp scissors by snipping every 1/8″ nearly all the way through the strip

Step 4: tightly wrap your vellum around and around the stick {you can dab with a little bead of glue if you’d like}

Step 5: secure the end of the strip with another bead of glue or little piece of tape and fluff out your fringe

 …and there you have it!

DIY and photos: Valley & Co.

 Party perfect, right? What’s your favorite accoutrement find these days? Please share! 

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