Weekend Challenge: DIY Fun with Wine Corks

Happiest Friday to you! We originally whipped up this project after wondering what to do with extra {extra?} wine corks we had just hanging around. Aleah’s always looking to blank canvases to jazz up rather ordinary elements and had the idea to use the corks to create a polka dotted look on basic Kraft paper {purchased in rolls from Home Depot – buy a roll! You’ll be surprised how much use you’ll put it to!}. Here’s the link to the original project we shot early in the spring. So for our west elm evening of patio entertaining and DIY fun we recreated our project and had a sweet helper show our class how to. It’s utterly simple, yet when used en masse {think: down a summer table top, as place mats at a crab feast or the like} the effect is too much fun.

So this weekend, whether you’re entertaining for your family of 4 or for 40 or more, we’re challenging you to whip up some DIY fun with corks.

All you need: wine corks | paint | paper

Stamp out cork after cork polka dot in summery colors with permanent paints, cut the paper into thin bands {and then glue around a napkin} to create a napkin band or gift wrap.

 Photos by Limelife Photography

Once you bring to life this project we’d love to have you share a snapshot with us! Hop on over to our Facebook page or Tweet us how you use this DIY. Happy summer!

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