4th of July Fun: Nostalgic Popsicles


Our friends at Betty Crocker shared some delightfully patriotic popsicles with us just in time for the holiday fun. 4th of July is one of those holidays that brings back such a sense of nostalgia and the best memories. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we were lucky to spend summers on the beach, complete […]

Sneak Peek: West Elm’s Fall Collection


Happy near-weekend, friends! What summer fun do you have planned for this Thursday? We’re working away on location at a print shoot for Exquisite Weddings Magazine today, fine-tuning lots of glorious summer details for our clients and their events {think breezy fabrics, killer gourmet menus, decadent summer desserts and amazing entertainment} and trying to soak up every moment […]

Summer! Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Book Giveaway

mexican chocolate ice cream

Update: we were having issues with our comment widget and therefore no comments were going through! Let’s try that again – we will be drawing our winner on July 5th. Good luck! Summer is officially here! As we write up this post we’re glancing out over the Seattle skyline {the Space Needle is glowing orange for […]

Summer Fun: Pike Place Market + How To Cook Summer Crab


Summer! If you’ve been reading the blog over the last handful of weeks you’ll know that we’re pleased as apple pie {topped with vanilla ice cream!} that summer is here. What are you most looking to exploring, tasting or experiencing this summer? If you’re in the Seattle area you must visit Pike Place Market. A […]

Strawberry & Goat Cheese Crisps


Happy first Friday of summer! What’s on your agenda? Hoping something splendid is up your sleeves. We’ve been plugging away with a super fun week with clients, site visits and wedding and party prep and, as always, we managed some fun at Pike Place Market. Have you been? It’s pretty spectacular and almost over-stimulating. The […]

Signs of Summer: Champagne & Fried Chicken


Another weekend has come and gone, though this week we’re bright-eyed with summer officially on the horizon. With loads of fun client meetings and event prep, family visits and some Seattle fun on the agenda, we couldn’t be happier. It calls for celebration! And what’s better than champagne to celebrate? Champagne and fried chicken! Yes. […]

Friday Happy Hour: Champagne + Lemon Sorbet


Ah. Friday. Summer. That must mean it’s happy hour! This recipe we shared on the NewlyWish blog is summer perfection at its best. Cheers to the weekend, friends! All you need: champagne {or prosecco of cava} and lemon sorbet. Pour into a bistro glass and you’ve got instant happiness in your hand.   Serve this […]

Make It: Summer Pineapple Sangria


That sweet scent of pineapple brings us back to Hawaii where Nick proposed, and where we love to snorkel and relax just let loose. It’s one of those scents, and fruits, that has a transporting magic about it. If you take a bite and close your eyes you could be anywhere with sand between your toes and palm tree fronts […]

4 Uses for Shells This Summer


Summer is this close and we are so happy to welcome it! What we’re most looking forward to: long beach walks, picnics with family, warm evenings on the patio, a coastal road trip, our fun events and, of course, the little things. The little things in every season are what make a celebration. Simple is […]