How-To: Decorative Tin Can Vases

It’s May Day! May Day is one of those holidays that often goes overlooked or under celebrated, but we’re determined to spread the joy. Though the actual May Day holiday is steeped in religious and ceremonial elements, it’s morphed into a modern day of giving, at least if we have anything to do with it! Spring is celebrated today by anonymously leaving flowers or plants on the doorsteps of neighbors to spread cheer. If you have a tin can, flowers or herbs and some wrapping paper or decorative paper on hand you can quickly whip up something sweet to give.

You’ll need: a tin can | decorative paper | glue | rope | herbs or flowers

Step 1: trim your paper so that it will fit around the can like a band. Dab a long bead of glue around the can.

Step 2: secure one end of the paper onto the glue and tightly wrap around, pressing the paper onto the glue as you go.

When you’re done with this step you’ll have a nice snug band. 

Step 3: wrap your rope around the band and cinch with a knot. Fill the can with flowers or herbs.

*The only thing we’d mention is that if you’re intending these to really be used, as opposed to decorative vases, we recommend nailing holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

Ta Dah! Cute, isn’t it? We like it with and sans the rope. You could use glittering ribbon, felt or any material to polish off the look.

We whipped up a second option with girly pink striped and gorgeous fabric stationery from HB Designs. When sending out notes or invitations why not pair with a charming gift like a potted herb in a tin can? We can see these sweet creations lining a kitchen windowsill, too.

We repeated the same steps as above, just with different paper and twine.


Loving this combination of cheery stripes and garden-inspired fabrinery! Yes, that’s right: fabrinery. It’s a fantastic cross between paper stationery and delicious fabrics and textures. You must hop on over and check out what HB Designs has going on. We adore their work!

How-To and Photos by Valley & Co.

Will you be gifting blooms to anyone special today? Have we inspired you to whip up a little tin can of goodness?



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