West Elm Urban Garden Event Seattle – Contributor Post

Friday! Cheers! What a week it was. In case you missed it, we co-hosted a splendid Twitter chat on Wednesday with some entertaining mavens where we chatted about all things Easter and holiday entertaining – you can check out the blog hop with Easter ideas here:

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It was so much fun and a great mid-week pick me up! Stay tuned as the next chat will be on May 2nd talking all things lovely for Mother’s Day.

Now onto today’s goodness…as you may or may not know, we hail from the Emerald City of Seattle. Yep. The land of gorgeous ferry rides, tasty wines and cheeses, and rain….but we love it so. We made the move to San Diego a handful of years ago but we’re back frequently to visit our families and our clients and for our events. Needless to say, we sometimes miss our on fun shindigs like this West Elm Urban Garden event, when we’re not in town. So fantastic contributors like Vienna Catalani take us up on the invite and give us the skinny on the goodness!

From Vienna: Terrariums are out in full force this season, and with them come succulents, patterns and tons of love for the outdoors. After visiting West Elm and watching their urban gardener put together a mess of cool stuff, I was both overwhelmed and inspired. What they have on sale you probably have at home (hello glass bowl!), and that’s what I love- extending the life of an otherwise ordinary object that’s just gathering dust.

Armed with inspiration from my visit, I spent some time waking up my home, readying it for spring and dreaming of what I’ll do for summer. First, I made a terrarium with a glass bowl, adding plants I found at Lowes. After making the terrarium, I thought about how great the bowl would look with fresh peaches in it for summer.

I took their dried lavender bouquet idea and jazzed-up place settings for a lil outdoor dinner party I hosted.

I daydreamed about using their utensil caddy as a way to hold all my s’more goodies, am scouring Etsy for a similar printed floor pouf to use as an ottoman, and am wondering if it’s too late to try their cool looking “seed bombs.”

Photos by Vienna Catalani

As an afterthought today, I’m going to add the amazing air plants I saw to an old small birdcage and hang it in the bathroom. I love creation/inspiration, so I snapped some photos of their ideas, mixing in what I did at home. Enjoy!

Thank you so so much, Vienna! We loved your images and ideas! So happy you enjoyed yourself and were able to check out the goodness at West Elm back in Seattle for us! We hope you all have a magnificent weekend planned. What’s on the agenda?

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