Spaces: Patio Corner Transformation

We all have that space {yes, that one} either in our home or yard that just need some happiness. In our instance it was an old wall tarnished by the sea air in our yard that borders on a small patio area. It was just kind of blah – a blank space pleading for something to jazz it up. We had this air plant wall {remember that DIY?} gathering dust so Nick had the idea of putting it up as an art installation to fill this void. The rusty decorative metal of this screen adds such interest and the spiky air plants and magical Spanish moss add a unique look.

Then we added three battered old white pickets we distressed and painted {a la European road signs} with some favorite European spots. Note the mileage is now quite off as we made these for our Seattle home years ago. But they still take us to our favorite crookedy cobbled lanes and shops and memories just the same.

To top it all off, we added some village globe lights and it just perfected this unused corner of the yard. We have two teak chairs anchored on one side and benches and a table flanking the other. These three elements just transformed such a blank canvas in a fantastic way! Now there’s no excuse not to use this corner of the yard for sipping a summertime cocktail or diving into the pages of a good book.

Looks so rustic and lovely, right? A nice contrast to our teak chairs with striped nautical pillows and palm tree garden!

What’s a space you’ve been eager to jazz up for the spring?




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