Make It: Paper Cones

Sometimes we all just need a dose of joy, don’t we? Paper cones are one of the sweetest {and simplest} ways to jazz up the joy factor at parties and weddings. There are so many ways to use these delightful props: think fuzzy confetti, dried lavender, rose petals and as treat cones filled to the brim with popcorn. What’s sweeter? They’re so simple to make yet when created with patterned paper, look like you spend an afternoon whipping up these paper gems.

You’ll need: decortive paper or maps {cut in rectangular strips to 11″ x 7″} | scissors | glue

Step 1: cut your paper to size {depending on the desired look of your cone} – we recommend about 11″ x 7″

Step 2: take the top right-hand corner of the paper and curl down and around {making a cone shape} to the bottom left-hand point.

Step 3: dab a bead of glue down the seam and hold in place {you can use a clothespin} until dried. We’ve found that hot glue also does the trick as it dries so quickly.

Now, you can fold down the tip or {as seen below in our map cones} leave up.

Photos by Rippee Photography for Valley & Co.

Here are some of our handmade paper map cones in action, made for one of our weddings and filled with petals for guests to toss post-ceremony.

Photo courtesy of Jasmine Star for Valley & Co.

So sweet, right? What moments could you use these for?

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