Make It: Mossy Terra Cotta Pot

‘Tis the season for gardening fun and projects galore. We have a number of green thumb aspirations this season, starting with our midnight garden plan we’ve been devising. It’s proving to be slightly challenging to find plants that do well in a semi-tropical enviroment that mimic our beautiful Seattle garden. Oh, we miss it so! We staged scented plants, like vanilla mint, with black, silvery and deep purple blooms that reflect the light of the moon. So we’re at a bit of a standstill working out the details, but we have white gladiola bulbs blooming as a start.

We’re also working on a creative tin can herb garden – think cans brimming with English thyme, lemon balm and winter savory herbs. We will post the how-to later this week. This brings us to today’s project. We’ve jazzed up terra cotta pots with all sorts of treatments before: silver paint, tan paint, sand, and stripes. Why not dress up a pot with moss? While our result wasn’t quite as we’d envisioned, we still love the look and this project can be interpreted in so many ways.

You’ll need: Modge Podge or glue | terra cotta pots | a sponge brush | moss | a shallow baking dish | a plant

Step 1: shred your moss so that you’ll have small pieces to work with – they’ll stick better

Step 2: take your pot and brush the Modge Podge on in sections {see our warning below, but you don’t want to do this in one application or it will dry too quickly}

Step 3: roll your pot into the dish gently patting the moss down and securing those little bits in place

Step 4: repeat this process until the pot is covered. Then plant your goodness inside.

 Photos by Rippee Photography for Valley & Co.

 Cute, right? What hostess wouldn’t love a few of these sweet pots for their patio or garden?

Here’s what we learned: don’t do this project in the heat. The Modge Podge dried really quickly so it was hard for some of the moss to stick.

Be really liberal with the Modge Podge/glue. You could also use sheets of moss, found in most craft stores.


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