How-To: Herbed Candle Centerpiece

Friday is here! That’s cause for celebration, right? We are excited for the weekend and, yes, once again, have lofty ideas for projects we’d like to tackle for our clients, our projects for the blogs, for our home and garden and for the kitchen. Whew! Whatever you decide to do this weekend, why not take even the simplest dinner and make it extra special with today’s project?

Memories of growing up and having family dinner every night for both of us are something we hold so dear. Aleah’s parents have instilled in her, and both of us, the importance of visiting and laughing and enjoying meals together {whether it’s at home, outdoors or at a favorite restaurant}. Not to mention, they always go all out and serve incredible recipes with the freshest ingredients from the Northwest {or whenever we’re all in SoCal!}. To top it off, the table is always dressed in such a beautiful way, all while being effortless and comfortable. Needless to say, much of our style and comfort level for creating ideas anyone can recreate is important to us. So, friends, we’re challenging you this weekend to set out and recreate this simple pleasure. Be sure to Instagram or Tweet us pictures!

To make our herbed candle centerpiece you’ll need: glass floating discs that hold tea lights {you can purchase at floral supply stores or online for about $1 a piece – they last forever} | tea lights | a sturdy metal or glass bowl | twine | herbs | good white buffet napkins {we think every kitchen should have these!} and the place settings of your choice 

Step 1: fill your bowl with crystal clear water nearly to the brim

Step 2: cut your twine to 10″ stands and wrap the napkin and silverware, cinching with a knot 

Step 3: gently place the floating discs and tea lights in the water

 Step 4: add assorted herbs until you reach the fullness you’d like. We mixed lemon balm and winter savory herbs as the textures are lovely and the scents nice and subtle.

One thing about flowers and herbs in centerpieces you want to be careful about is overpowering food and offending diners. However, most herbs are relatively subtle and just add to the ambiance and compliment the meal.

 Light your candles and you’re all set for a lovely evening that radiates cheerful springtime! 


 Paired with a vintage linen this perfects the sweetness of the look, doesn’t it?

We love to accent our centerpieces and ambiance with herbs, like adding them to bistro glasses of water. Mint is especially delicious in water and what a decadent, yet simple, way to dress up something so basic.


How-To and Photos by Valley & Co.

What fun do you have planned for the weekend? Will you take out an evening to enjoy the little things and make your own herbed candle centerpiece?



  1. says

    So beautiful – I will definitely make this weekend.
    Doing a fun run Saturday morning and mountain hike Sunday morning, so the centerpiece will be perfect for Sat nite patio dinner!
    btw, your photography skills rock!!

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