Finishing Touches: Herb Adornments

Nothing says thoughtful like finishing touches at the perfect dinner party or wedding reception. If you know us you know that our most perfectly plan parties are all about the senses. The polish. The wow factors for guests that are unexpected and all about the guests of honor and their tastes. Usually this means simple details that come together in the most beautiful way and compliment a menu and setting, like for our client’s 60th birthday bash. We focused on an incredible Pacific Northwest-inspired menu and unbelievable wines {we just sipped on one he gifted us over the holidays – The Prisoner – which was so delicious. Nonetheless, we complimented the halibut and seafood dinner with sprigs of lavender and rosemary plucked from his Bainbridge Island home. The result was a polished timeless look.

 Here’s what you do: trim about 8″ of a rosemary or lavender sprig {thyme or virtually any herb will work} and run under water to clean. Remember, these will be sitting atop a napkin or plate so make sure they’re clean. Pat dry with a towel and they’ll stay damp and fresh for a few hours. If you want to pluck a bunch ahead of your party simply gently wrap them in a damp paper towel. They’ll stay fresh for a few days.

Photos by La Luz Photography for Valley & Co.

Do you have a trick for polishing off a place setting? We’d love to hear!

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