Elements of Fun: Sunday Polo!

We always have a ball with our families, and packing up snacks, wine and champagne and heading to a polo match over near Palm Springs with Aleah’s parents was no exception to the fun. During the winter months {from January – March} they hold polo matches before it gets too hot in the desert and the horses head over to the coast and play in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. The folks are now spending a handful of winter months down at the desert house while the rains whip and the winds blow back up on the home island in Washington, so we get an extra special treat during this time of year. Golfing, pool lounging, more golfing…and polo! What a fun day- it’s sure an experience! Before the match tailgating takes place – lines of cars put their tailgates down and bring out the picnic baskets full of goodness.

These balls become hammered and grass-stained by the heavy wooden mallets, but look how cool they are! We snatched up three with distressed Empire Polo Club logo and they now have a funky place in one of our curio cabinets nestled into an Irish toasting cup.

A peek into our basket: fig jam, fresh watermelon, assorted olives and crackers, Limonata, wine and champagne, and lots of delicious cookies and treats filled the back of the car for our tailgating fun.

When the horses come at you full speed ahead the ground just shakes as their hooves pound. So amazing.

Mid-way through everyone pours flutes of bubble and heads out onto the field to stomp the divots. What an awesome tradition!

A’s favorite seersucker capris {snatched up at the GAP years ago} and Italian wedges.

Get Aleah’s casual white t-shirt, seersucker and baubles look!


Wicker Picnic Basket from Williams-Sonoma |  Woven Basket from Crate & Barrel | Manchego & Membrillo | Crisscross Wedge Sandal from GAP | Seersucker Pants from Brooks Brothers |  Yellow Bubble Necklace & Monotone Beaded Necklace in Flame – both from J. Crew

Happy Wednesday, friends!




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    yes, I love polo! I’ve only been twice to Saratoga but I’m always amazed at the shear force of the horses as they run right by you. We always have fun dressing up and packing a fun picnic!

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