DIY: Pastel Ombré Easter Eggs

Happy nearly-Easter, friends! We hope you’re having a wonderfully fun-filled holiday weekend with your family – perhaps long brunches, Easter egg hunts and strolls to admire the blossoming cherry trees and budding crocuses are on your agenda? We’re doing much of the above and it feels oh-so good!

We also got creative with dyeing Easter eggs {oh, how this brings out the kid in us!} with a fresh approach. Ombré is a fun color treatment we’ve used on a few projects now {remember those flags we made for our client’s beach wedding a few weeks ago?} and we wanted to put it to use for unique Easter eggs and a Twitter challenge. The result of a #HolidayHQ Twitter chat we co-hosted last week, the Easter Egg Challenge was born; several of tackled a variety of eggs, some neon, and using mediums of dye, paint and even markers.

To make these eggs you’ll need: Easter egg dye tablets {from the pre-made kits} or food coloring | white vinegar | boiled eggs | large hair ties or rubberbands | a wire egg spoon | for added fun – thread and twine can jazz up your eggs, too!

Step 1: boil your eggs by placing them in cold water in a pot. Turn the burner on high and bring to a rolling boil.

This is not a rolling boil, just wait another minute!

Step 2: once the water comes to a full boil turn the burner off and place a lid on the pot, leaving the eggs in the hot water for about 8 minutes. No more!

Step 3: While the eggs are cooking you can prep your dyes. For this ombré treatment you will need three gradients of dye. We used small bistro glasses and ramekins filled with a dark dye, a mid-grade, and a lighter that had been diluted with one part water and two parts vinegar. Prep the first dye based on the instructions on the dye kit or by eye if you’re using food coloring.

Like so. Depending on how bright or pastel you want your eggs, use more or less water and vinegar and more dye tablets or food coloring.

Step 4: once your timer is up remove the boiled eggs and give them a cold water bath. This will make for easy handling and {a boiled egg trick} will stop the cooking process so they don’t over cook. Removing the shell is also much easier if you’re boiling eggs for eating.

As we did on some of our eggs, you can wrap a large hair tie or rubber band around the egg for added aesthetic fun.

Step 5: take your first egg and dip it into the lightest dye first, nearly to the top. You want to leave the cap of the egg white.

Leave in the dye for about 1 minute or so, depending on the effect you want. Slowly remove the egg.

Step 6: place the egg, up to the middle, into the mid-leveled dye. You’re simply giving the middle of the egg a darker effect than the first treatment. Leave in the dye for about a minute.

Step 7: place the bottom of the egg in the darkest dye and leave for 2 minutes.

The result: delightful pastel eggs that have a color gradient effect. We used a rainbow of colors as well for an especially sweet look.

 However you spend this holiday weekend, we wish you a wonderful one!

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