Make It: Vintage Map Lined Tray

Top o’ the morning to you! We hope that your weekend was fantastic. Fun-filled. Lovely. Ours was a mix of working but also enjoying the weather and taking in a polo match with Aleah’s parents. After a chaotic week last week it was such a nice break and the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We even scored three cool printed polo balls we’ll be incorporating into sprucing up our home decor for spring. Speaking of ways to make your space pop for the new season, today’s project was designed just for that. It’s a great, relatively simple, way to transform a coffee table or bar cart with brighter colors for springtime.

For Valley & Co.’s Vintage Map Lined Tray:

You’ll need: a wooden tray | map paper | Modge Podge | sponge brush | paper cutter | ruler | scissors | screen press roller {if you don’t have one you can use a guitar pick or something similar to squeeze out the paper | clear enamel spray

Step 1: measure your map to fit within your tray and cut with your paper cutter {you may have to cut down with scissors first}

Step 2: fit your map neatly into the tray to ensure it fits properly and nothing needs to be trimmed down then remove the paper

Step 3: pour a dollop of Modge Podge onto the tray and smooth out with your sponge brush {you want even coverage but start with less rather than more – more will just make your paper bubble}

Step 4: carefully lay the paper on top of the Modge Podge and smooth out with your fingers

Step 5: roll out the paper as the Modge Podge dries with your roller to keep the paper nice and smooth

Step 6: once the paper is dried onto the Modge Podge pour about 1/2 ounce onto the top of the paper and brush out with your sponge. As your paper should be dry it shouldn’t need to be smoothed out, but if so carefully use your roller to do so.

Step 7: once dried tape your tray off so the paper is just exposed {unless, like our tray, your old wood tray could use a clear coat itself} and spray a coat of clear enamel onto the paper/tray. Let dry and spray another coat.

That’s it! Quite simple, really. Isn’t this such a lovely project? You can use it in so many ways – go nautical with old pirate-style map paper, Chevron print, dictionary pages, or anything that will jazz up your space.

 Photos by Rippee Photography for Valley & Co.

So, friends…what do you think? Is this a project you could put your own spin on for spring, summer, or autumn? We could even see this being a whimsical way to dress up dessert displays or holiday cocktail parties with shimmering prints and fanciful paper. Enjoy!








  1. Cortney says

    Love this project! I have two old trays that this would be great with. Thanks so much for sharing! But can I ask, where did you get the paper map? I’ve been looking for one like it and have not had much success.

  2. Bonnie says

    Years ago I bought a picture frame to make a tray out of. I had to buy kitchen cabinet handles for the tray handles. I had inherited a letter from my aunt to my dad back in 1931 I think that’s the year. I just never got around to making it. Maybe now I will. I am excited about it now as I was then but got too busy to do anything about it. That letter is a treasure as I loved my aunt and my dad. I want to find a picture of Daddy and Aunt Gladis to put in the frame with the letter, guess that’s what held me up before. I may have to use a group picture of them and their families. I will try to send a picture but don’t hold your breath!


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