Make It: Fresh Springtime Arrangement

Spring is officially here, which means there’s so much we’re excited about. Some of our favorite things: sitting on the patio under our globe lights taking in the smell of the sea, fresh greenery and flowers, entertaining for springtime events, and the fresh energy that’s surrounding us.

Aleah has the best memories of her marvelous grandmother who has a knack for flowers {and who once owned a floral shop with her aunt} and her super talented mom whipping up the most gorgeous floral confections for springtime so effortlessly, like they were just plucked from an eclectic garden. Today’s post is a nod to that – with a few selected blooms leftover from this weekend’s wedding we had to put to good use. Springtime is the best excuse to fill your home with fresh flowers – a simple arrangement on a side table, in a guest room or on your dining table will make you smile.

To make a springtime arrangement you’ll need: a galvanized bucket {make sure it’s water tight – if not place a plastic sleeve inside} | orchids | hydrangea {we leave the leaves on} | ranunculus | roses | tulips | chicken wire | pruners | flower food – and you definitely don’t need the frame. We just like it as a prop. :) Though it would work to frame out the blooms!


Step 1: cut your chicken wire to fit around the top of your vessel {this will keep your stems in place}

Step 2: fill your vessel with water and flower food and place the chicken wire atop the galvanized tub, crimping down to secure

Step 3: start filling your vessel with the biggest blooms first – starting with the hydrangea clouds – cut the bottoms right before you place into the water – and add in the tulips and ranunculus {you could also add some willow branches for spring}

 Step 4: then add stems dotted in between the hydrangeas like full rose blooms and finish with an orchid stem

Quite lovely for springtime, right? We love a monochromatic collection of blooms with different textures and feelings. It sets the tone for a creative celebration and adds so much interest.

Project + photos by Valley & Co.

Do you have a favorite bloom for springtime entertaining? Do share!


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