DIY Reader Board Frames

Happy Monday! Are any of you as in awe of how quickly the month of March has dwindled down as we are? My, what an interesting month it has been, full of great collaborations and projects, family fun and some lovely events. We’re gearing up for a week brimming with some momentum and creativity, too, focusing on some new Valley & Co. experiences that we can’t wait to unveil soon.

So to kick off this week of creativity, we’re sharing a how-to reader board frame project that’s perfect to jazz up any dinner party or birthday bash. It’s a great alternative to making chalkboard frames for menus and parties that showcase menus, instructions, seating charts, or other special messages. The problem with chalk is that it can easily get smudged and often you can’t write as small or neatly as you can with a pencil or paint pen. So we developed this project and put it into action for an event to act as a fantastic stand-in for a chalkboard.

You’ll need: frames | spray paint {if you want to spruce the frames up} | clear coat enamel spray| black foam core board | exacto knife | pencil | white pencil or paint pen

Step 1: place frames on cardboard or paper and spray two coats of white spray paint evenly. When dry spray with a coat of clear coat enamel.

Step 2: take the glass from your frame and foam core board and trace the outline of the glass on the board with a pencil.

Like so.

Step 3: cut out the trace with your exacto knife.

Step 4: write out your message {this can be a menu, escort designation, instructions, or fun messages} in pencil before you go over it with your white pencil. Then trace over with white pencil or paint pen.

Step 5: place the foam core piece into your frame and secure in place.

Drum roll, please…… you have it!

This is a wonderful {temporary} project for parties as you can really make a bar or table pop with this handcrafted element that looks whimsical and creative, but you can reuse the frames in your home post-party.

Project + photos by Valley & Co.

Kind of clever, right? We thought it was. :) We’re always dreaming up effortless ways to really spruce up celebrations creatively with unexpected elements and finishing touches that will wow your guests. Do you have a favorite go-to project for entertaining at home?




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