Creative Connection Fun at West Elm

Happy Monday, friends. Was your weekend splendid?

The week before last I {it’s me! Aleah!} heard about Creative Connection, a fantastic group for creative ladies {hey, like me} and their upcoming networking and creative event at West Elm in San  Diego. {They have several chapters.} This particular event was hosted by some lovely ladies behind With Love, Design, a fantastic group of gals, and revolved around delicious bites and succulents. What more can a girl want?

While Mr. Valley sat this one out, I had a great time meeting some new lovely friends, scoping out creative ideas for succulents, and jotting down some scrumptious recipes. Did you know there’s such a thing as edible hibiscus flower? Now you do! It’s a perfect surprise at the bottom of a champagne flute topped with blood orange juice. I am so happy to have met Jessica Packard and Lauren Pryor – they’re marvelously sweet, and I look forward to some wonderful collaborations and friendships.

Everyone was just lovely and welcoming and we were all interested in the same thing: learning, being creative, and meeting wonderful people. What a joy. Now onto the hands-on and the food…..

We’re all for succulents and air plants as little gifts, decor, and installations. Remember the air plant wall we posted about a few months ago? This is total succulent heaven. West Elm has everything you need to make your own terrarium and Leaf it to Lexi had some simply charming ideas for dressing them up or down, dependent upon your space. Loving. Every. Bit.

What I loved: the classic terrarium with simple white rocks and succulents and moss nestled in. You can swap out plants when they bloom {or die} and punch a terrarium up or down season dependent.

Maria with Cork and Platter was also a total joy. Her recipes are all just oh-so scrumptious and she’s a fantastic teacher. We also share a mutual friend in Robin with Grand Floral!

These little halved eggs were filled with bits of goodness, just like a cobb salad. She also served up refreshing watermelon bites with a marcona almond, a dollop of goat cheese, balsamic glaze, and mint. Perfect for spring!

And I spied a few friends I had no idea would be there. Fancy that! It was such a great evening and I’m so glad I was able to attend.

Photos courtesy of Natalia from Full Circle Images {thank you! <—–She’s super sweet, too!}

Can you spy me in my bright yellow Paddington Bear-esque coat? So ready for spring! I also snagged those little ceramic owl measuring cups from here, which you probably saw me Instagram. They are so adorable.

So, friends…what have you been up to? Are you gearing up for springtime, too?



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