Party Time! A DIY Travel-Themed Photo Booth

Oh, friends. How are you this morning? As you might have heard us Tweet Aleah was back in Seattle and while it was gorgeous {really amazing sunny weather that let me see the mountains} the nights were oh-so cold. Sure, tease us. Now that we live in Southern California we’re spoiled. But it really was freezing! I enjoyed donning my favorite plaid winter coat and riding boots and wrapping a scarf around and around my neck, but now I’m sick! Really sick, actually. So today is spent working from the couch tying up client details and sending out pitches. And, of course, bringing you some effortless entertaining ideas. Next up: Nick’s travel-in-a-box photo booth.

A simple fold-up map from the gas station or book store makes for the perfect party back drop for silly photos in a DIY photo booth. If you’re attending a party or planning your own, gather fun collectibles like binoculars, old keys, tiki sculptures, post cards, and anything fun in between like a huge safari hat, and stow in an old suitcase. Pin the map to the wall and snap away.

You can spin this a number of ways; have your guests tag where they are from, where they’d love to go, or where they’ve been. The result is an eclectic back drop that tells a story, too.

What do you think? A pretty clever in-a-box idea, right? That’s Mr. Valley for you! We hope if you put a spin on this idea for your own bash you’ll send us photos or post to our Facebook page!



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