All You Need: Easy Snack Idea

Monday. Oh, Monday. Was your weekend wonderful and relaxing? We had a great wedding that was beautiful and oh-so fun. Needless to say yesterday was spent soaking in some nothingness. Reading, writing, blogging, and {of course} the Oscars. Dinner consisted of some Orangina and cheese + baguette. Simple. Perfect. Neither of us has any energy to do much after our events, so the next day is usually spent just decompressing, enjoying the success and fun of the event, and shutting off. Our method of simplified relaxation has been a great way for us to enjoy the little things in an effortless way.

It started long ago – Aleah’s parents are big on simple delicious goodness to snack on in the form of charcuterie, excellent cheeses, and wine, and other easy, yet incredible, delights. Some of our favorite memories of travel include visiting local markets in places like Nice, France, Hawaii, Amsterdam and the like, and making a picnic dinner or lunch out of it. We love experiencing fresh local cheeses and produce and snacking for dinner. It’s long been a tradition in our home to enjoy a simple spread with a few elements for a relaxed dinner. That’s all you need, right? Today’s post was inspired by one of those days – we think they’re good for the soul. Simplicity can be so perfect and it encourages you to enjoy a few savory elements that taste so simple, but so tasty.

All you need: pear + Stilton cheese + a baguette + a piece of slate = the perfectly effortless snack.

Slice up some thin pieces of Stilton and pair with a pear {yeah, yeah. No pun intended!}. The result is a richness in your mouth followed by a soothing texture and fruitiness of the pear. Pretty perfect.

Photos by Rippee Photography for Valley & Co.

What’s your remedy for effortless relaxation? Are you one for taking in a few simple, yet wonderful delights?




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