Make It: Rosemary Spiked Lemonade

Before we dive into today’s delicious cocktail recipe there’s some important business to tackle. It’s Aleah’s mom and dad’s anniversary so let’s all raise a glass of bubbly {or, depending what time zone you’re in coffee or tea} and toast to many more wonderful ones. Thank you for being amazing. Simply wonderful. Eternally inspiring. For being the most supportive parents we could ever ask for. For teaching us to dream. To dream big. To be kind and humble and gracious. To love unconditionally. Thank you for making us laugh and smile. Thank you for being you. We love you so very much…..


Now that should call for a cocktail! No matter what the season, lemons add that perfect something. Something that signifies warmth and sunny days. Even in the dead of winter {well, we won’t gloat, but we’re enjoying some Palm Springs sunshine} a lemonade cocktail can be comforting when you dress it up with a heartier and an herb like rosemary. No lemonade cocktail would be complete without a garnish of fresh lemon, but we’ve gone sweet with ours.
Sugar your lemon wheels by trimming thin slices and carving out a “V” in the flesh so it can rest on the glass. In a bowl of white C & H sugar lay one wheel and push gently into the sugar to coat one side. Turn over and do the same. Repeat once or until you have a thick beautiful sugary wheel.
Garnish a short bistro glass with the sugared lemon wheel {don’t they look so sweet?} and a long sprig of freshly washed rosemary. Instant refresher in a glass.
These sugared lemon wheels would also make a nice finishing touch on a bowl of lemon sorbet as a palate cleanser during a long meal.


Mr. & Mrs. Valley’s Rosemary Spiked Lemonade
You’ll need: vodka or light rum | simple syrup | rosemary sprigs | juice of 2 lemons {per cocktail} | lemon wheels
To make the simple syrup pour 2 parts water into a pot and bring to a boil. Pour in 1 part sugar whisking as it dissolves. Once dissolved remove pot from heat and let cool. The syrup will thicken.
Put ice into a glass and top with vodka or light rum {1 oz. per glass}. Add juice of the lemons and simple syrup to taste.  Stir until combined and top with a rosemary sprig and sugared lemon wheel.

 Now doesn’t that sound delicious regardless of what wheather you’re enjoying? What’s your favorite cocktail?




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    This sounds so lovely and refreshing! Just came across your site today and I love it! I’m a local Seattle girl and it looks like you guys are based out of Seattle/San Diego? Looking forward to reading more!

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