Effortless Entertaining: Fruity Ice Cubes

Howdy, fantastic friends! Can you believe it’s Friday? We’re actually have a very hard time realizing that the weekend is here. Again. It seems like only last weekend we were prepping to ring in a new year! Then it was New Year’s Day. Then the holiday on Monday to celebrate New Year’s Day. Now we’re fast forwarding to the weekend. We’ll take it. We’ll be prepping some a fantastic event in Palm Springs mid-week and a citrus-inspired photo shoot as well as doing some relaxing. We all need to relax, right?

This past week to kick off 2012 has been nothing short of gorgeous and makes us want to turn our out of office on for just a few more days! Thursday the weather was near 80 degrees at the coast. 80. That’s something for two transplanted Seattleites who are used to watching snowdrifts and the glittering fluffy stuff gather on the windowpanes. There’s something slightly odd about walking to watch the surfers at sunset in flip flops. We’ll take it; but it’s just kind of strange to get used to! Nonetheless, as we prep for some days in the warm desert we’ll be dreaming of ways to keep cool. Enter: our fruity ice cubes.

What we love: they’re beautiful and sweet and can be tailored to whatever you’re celebrating for: think yellow for a sunny wedding, deep dark berries for a nighttime gathering, or herbs for a garden party.
You’ll need: lemon twists | raspberries | ice cube trays | water
Are you ready for this?: zest a lemon into curly twists. Wash raspberries. Place into an ice cube tray and fill with water. It’s as simple as that. The result: a delicious addition to flat or sparkling water that your dinner party or wedding guests will appreciate. There’s more: add a sprig of rosemary, blueberries, blackberries, or even basil for an interesting twist.
Jazz up an otherwise-ordinary flute of sparkling water with several decorative ice cubes and you’ll add instant color.

Photos by Llanes Weddings for Valley & Co.

What’s your simple secret for entertaining? Are you a fan of zesting up ice cubes like this?


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