GIFTING :: mother’s day flowers

Mother's Day Flowers

There’s something so special about receiving a beautiful flower delivery, isn’t there? This Mother’s Day the lovely four moms below {Yours Truly on the bottom right, in a very candid photo} all received lovely deliveries of beautiful flowers and potted succulents. My Grandma Lonnie {top left} has always been so special to me. She has […]

REAL V & CO. WEDDING :: pastel orchard romance

Valley & Co. orchard wedding | photo by Chantal Andrea

There is something so enchanting to us about outdoor weddings. We will never tire of guests gathering together under canopies of old oak trees, in fruit-filled orchards, on the beach, or in fields surrounded by nothing but open air and love. Nara and Scott’s wedding was the definition of a beautiful quintessential Northwest wedding: we […]

ENTERTAINING AT HOME :: cozy indoor s’mores

winter s'mores

There is something so nostalgic and fun about a good old fashioned s’more, isn’t there? While s’mores are often thought to be summertime fare, we thought why not serve them up indoors for a cozy s’mores party on a chilly winter night? S’mores go perfectly with a crackling fire, so light up your fireplace, break out the […]

REAL WEDDING :: classic seattle nuptials

sapphire and pink classic Seattle wedding by Valley & Co. and Nathan Cordova Photography

Recently we have been seeing a return to what we consider more classic weddings, with a twist through colors, textures and organic elements. Ones that perhaps have a church ceremony, a large wedding party, all of the trimmings of traditional moments, or a grand cake – all with elements that are fresh and bring new […]